Sunday, 6 March 2016

Do You Want Free RDP

Dear Clients,
We are glad to inform you that we are again growing with our cheapest and best rdp, in past we had faced too many problem, to many downtime, our reputations had went down, but your trust had made us once again the top rdp seller,

We had decided to provide free RDP Service to the peoples who can put our website banners, ads on there websites, means people who can promote us anyway, we are inviting you to contact us regarding this if you will passed our requirement then you will need to put our website banner on your website, In return we will give you free rdp + you can earn from our affiliate program also.

FREE STARTUP RDP Requirement :
Site Should Be 3 Months Old.
Must Have Alexa ranking.
No Adult, Ha*king Websites.

FREE ADMIN RDP Requirement :
Site Should Be 6 Months Old.
Must Have Alexa Ranking.
No Adult, Ha*king Websites.

Site Should Be Between 3-6 Months Old
Must Have Alexa Ranking
Forums, Download Stuff, Torrents Websites Accepted

FREE BOTTING RDP Requirement :
Site Should Be 6 Months OLD.
Must Have Alexa Ranking.
No Adult, Ha*king Websites.

You Can Contact Us Here, One Of Our Team Member Will Respond To You.

Friday, 10 July 2015

How to Change the Keyboard Layout In Your Server ?

Hello World,..

This blog post will be representing you how you can change your Keyboard Layout in your server easily. You just have to follow below steps carefully in order to give this tutorial a success.

Step 1
Open the Control Panel, and click on the "Region and Language" button.

Step 2
Click on the "Keyboards and Languages" tab, then click on the "Change keyboards" button.

Step 3
Add your favourable language you want to use, to add language in list simply click on "Add" button as shown below.

Step 4
In the opened category , click on the drop box and select a added input language and keyboard layout.

Step 5
Click on OK and then you are ready to enjoy !

Still can't able to understand the above tutorial ?
No need to worry we will personally help you, just Contact Us if any further problem.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

99RDP May Special Discount

99RDP May Special Discount

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fixing Copy & Paste Problem on RDP Server

Fix Common Copy & Paste Problem on RDP Servers

1 Open up task manager (Right click on taskbar and select Task Manager).
2 Go to the Processes Tab in task mamager.
3 Select "rdpclip.exe" and end that process.
4 Go to the Application Tab.
5 Click New Process.
6 Type "rdpclip" ( without quotes )
7 Click Ok.

-Or Follow Below Tut If you Finding Difficulty-

If any further problem persist then feel free to Contact Us Or simply comment below.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

99RDP March Special Discount

99RDP March Special Discount

Monday, 9 March 2015

Securing And Optimizing Private RDP Server

Hi Guys, In this blog article we are teaching some fancy ways to make your VPS Server or say Private RDP server secure from hackers or from technical problems if any. Below are some interesting ways you should follow in order to secure your Private RDP Server :-

1 Root kit checker:-

Check for root kits and even set a root kit on a cron job. This will show you if anyone has compromised your root. Hackers and spammers will try to find insecure upload forms on your box and then with injection methods, try to upload the root kit on your server. If hacker can run it, it will modify maximum number of files, possibly causing you to have to reinstall.
To Install root kit, SSH into server and login as root. (Here we have used very common rootkit, i.e. chrootkit)

At command prompt (CMD) type below codes in order to set the above feature:
cd /root/ wget .br/pub/seg/pac/chkrootkit.tar.gz
tar xvzf chkrootkit.tar.gz
cd chkrootkit-0.44
make sense 
Now if you want to check chrootkit run following command in you CMD.
2 Installing a Root Breach Detector and Email Warning:-

If someone does happen to get root, be warned quickly and easily by installing a detector and warning at your inbox directly. You will at least get the hackers/spammers ip address and be warned someone is in there. Server will e-mail you everytime when someone logs in as root .

At command prompt (CMD) type below codes in order to set the above feature:

pico .bash_profile
Scroll down to the end of the file and add the following line also :-
echo 'ALERT - Root Shell Access on:' `date` `who` | mail -s "Alert: Root Access from `who | awk '{print $6}'`"
NOTE : Green Text reflects that you have to enter your own mail id in which you want to receive mails.
Now Just Save and all done.
Set an SSH Legal Message :-
To set an SSH legal message, SSH into server and login as root.
At command prompt (CMD) type below codes :
pico /etc/motd 
Enter your customised message and then save.

Message Example : Warning! You are entering a secured area!! Your IP and login information have been recorded for future reference . All activities on this system are recorded and logged.

3 Updating Operating System and Softwares:-

Updating all softwares as well as OS may reduce risk of loosing data and securing your Private RDP from external forces, you can update many things by below process.

#If you are using cPanel:-

~Update cPanel: /scripts/upcp
~Update Apache: /scripts/easyapache

#If you are not using cPanel:-

~Update OS and software: yum upgrade

                         If any further problem persist then feel free to Contact Us Or simply reply below.

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