Monday, 16 February 2015

Make Your RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Server More Better To Surf

Fix Freezing Problem Of Your RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Server
Hello dear readers, 

Today we will tell you how to fix freezing problem when you connect your RDP server or if we say when you finds that your server is responding in slow motion. There could be many reasons by which you can find tuff time in surfing on your RDP server. Below are some quick fixes that will help you to browse/surf your RDP servers more easily and quiet fast then before.

Step 1

Go to start and then open "run", then type "mstsc.exe" and then press enter.

Step 2

Now you will get Remote Desktop Connection dialogue box infront of you. In that select "Options".

Step 3

After selecting "options", you will now see all settings related to connection. In that choose "Display" option from head tabs, and do the settings as below mentioned in image.

Step 4

Now select "Experience" tab from header, after choosing it you have to set all the following settings as shown in image below.

So now by following the above tuts you may be able to enjoy your RDP Servers more easily then before. If any further problem persist then feel free to Contact Us Or simply reply below.


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